Monster Systems for The Dark Waters

I’ve been working on transferring over monsters from the bestiary into a spreadsheet for The Dark Waters (can you believe I was just working in a word doc before? Spreadsheets is so much easier to keep track of systems and stats). I’ve added speed to all monsters, since only a couple used that stat before, and I’ve standardized legendary monsters to use three dice to determine their speed. I do think this might be a bit too random, but I want legendary monsters to be unpredictable in a few aspects and this is where I started today. (You’ll notice I use “octopuses” instead of “octopi”. The plural of “octopus” is “octopuses” or “octopodes” because to word is derived from Greek, not Latin, although “octopi” is socially accepted and some dictionaries have put it in because it’s such a common assumption in English. Also octopuses are my favorite creatures!)


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