I currently work for Lone Shark Games as a game editor and developer. In my own time, I am working on a tabletop RPG and creating games in Unity. Below are games I’ve made. They are a mix of completed work and works in progress.

The Dark Waters of Serenia

You are a water spirit, a siren of the sea, an undine from below. You are what separates land-livers from the sea farers, and above all, it’s your duty to protect the secrets of the deep. WIP

Lillies, Tulips, and Bluebell’s, Oh My!

Set your sights on the meadow outside your grandmother’s house or the forest opposite the stream. Gather any and all flowers your heart desires, but beware of nature’s poisons and traps. WIP


Pavel’s Quest

A nomadic hunchback traveler named Pavel who awoke in a strange and silent snowy village. He notices a series of campfires, and is lead by them through the stirring snow to a mysterious lodge.

The Princesses’ Escape

Once upon a time there were three princesses. They were sisters, loving and always bettering each other. Marcella was the oldest, a fearless warrior in battle; Rebekah was the second child, quiet, and reserved, yet cunning; Clara was the cutest, younger sister either of them could have ever asked for, and was proficient in magic. One day, Clara was kidnapped by dragons for her magic. Normally, she would have been left for a handsome prince to come rescue her, however her sisters loved her so much they decided to go rescue Clara themselves. They managed to sneak into the dragon’s castle without any problems, but their escape is going to be a bit more difficult.


Student Projects – These are games I worked on with a team while attending DigiPen.


Crystallite: The Obsidian Chronicles

Smash your way through hordes of enemies for glory, power, and riches. Cooperation is key to survival, but in the end only one player will be crowned the victor. Master your weapons, master the power of the gemstones, and master your ultimate attacks. But beware, the rat king lurks below!




Orion has been pulled from the sky by the shadowy primordial, Erebus. He finds himself in the world of the old gods with nothing but the light of his old friend Artemis to guide him. As he explores the world, he can collect his fallen stars, eventually becoming powerful enough to defeat Erebus and return to his place in the sky.