Group Identity and User Connections

I have recently been researching and teaching myself more tools to polish my user experience skills and be more connected to my players. Earlier this week I realized that the stuff I’ve been reading and trying out on my own is showing up in my work and I feel even more confident in my designs.Continue reading “Group Identity and User Connections”

UX Design Challenge #2: Identify my skills

My next challenge is to focus on what skills I do have that go well with UX, and what I skills I need to grow and how I can do that. Currently my area of expertise is game design, but there are a lot of skills that crossover. It’s difficult for people to analyze themselvesContinue reading “UX Design Challenge #2: Identify my skills”

UX Design Challenge #1: Spot the Good and Bad

Today’s challenge has a focus on seeing what’s intuitive or frustrating about a website or app I normally use. I’ll be using the budgeting app EveryDollar. To start, I want to highlight that the goals of this app is for budget tracking and seeing at a glance where your money is coming from and goingContinue reading “UX Design Challenge #1: Spot the Good and Bad”