Krav Maga Teaching Templates

Yeah, I know, another post on teaching. But I love teaching! It not only validates that I know my shit, but it also reminds me of the nuances of a technique.

There’s a very specific template when it comes to teaching Krav Maga (at least, from what I learned from Krav Maga Worldwide but you’ll see this template when you watch videos on youtube too).

  1. Live speed of the technique
  2. Slow speed and exaggerated movement of the technique
  3. Context/anecdotes about why this technique is necessary (can also be #1 depending on the class and technique)
  4. Break the technique down into 2-5 steps (including how safety equipment should be used)
  5. Students person dry work (copying the 2-5 steps one at a time)
  6. Students partner up to practice the technique

Can I carry this over to games? Yes! Krav teaching needs exaggerated visuals because your students are only going to perform at about 40-60% compared to their instructor. The thing to be careful of would be going to slow that the player would lose interest. In total, steps 1-5 should take no longer than three minutes. In a video game, that’s forever! A tutorial of a mechanic should never be longer than 15 seconds, but it also need to show the players what to do. In a video game, the template can be:

  1. Shadow player performing live speed of the mechanic (including the controls).
  2. Mechanic should be shown within the context it will be most often used in
  3. If the player has not performed the mechanic properly (or at all), slow the shadow player down to a slow and exaggerated speed (including the controls).
  4. Player is within an environment where they can practice the mechanic at their own pace.


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