User Experience

Apocrypha Adventure Card Game Rulebook Rewrite and Layout

This is a wireframe I created to practice my user experience and information architecture skills for a large rulebook update I was working on. Wireframing the rulebook helped me easily see all the sections and reorganize where necessary. For reference, the original rulebook is here and the new rulebook is here.



All the supporting documents for Thornwatch that would be public needed to have a cohesive look. The Thornwatch and DotW rulebooks were of course going to be printed first so the FAQ and Demo booklet both relied on those for visual design. I developed the visual design for the rulebooks using InDesign and Photoshop, and continued to implement new changes as we finished up the game. 

I later created a FAQ for Thornwatch and DotW document with InDesign which also contains an example of the designs for storyboards that I also developed.

I wrote and designed the demo booklet for Thornwatch with InDesign and Photoshop for retailers and convention demoers to teach the game quickly.