The Dark Waters of Serenia

I created a tabletop role playing game primarily based around mermaids in an underwater world. While the project is complete for the class it was for while I was at DigiPen, I am continuing to update lore and systems. It has definitely become passion project!

In Serenia, there are separate movement mechanics for land and sea. Most of the game is intended to take place in water, with land components being supplemental. I wanted to explore that fantasy world, and I knew players would want to have a way to go on land. The RPG also includes systems for character creation, combat, pets, and exclusive content for interacting with humans. The bestiary has three tiers of monsters.

See my blog posts about the progress of The Dark Waters of Serenia!

Download the original The Dark Waters of Serenia pdf created during my time as a student at DigiPen.

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